Advanced Elements Firefly Kayak Review

Advanced Elements Firefly Kayak Review, The brightly colored Advanced Elements Firefly kayak is a compact recreational inflatable firefly kayak with a unique design that boasts improved performance and durability. Its lightweight construction makes it very easy to load in and out of your vehicle and carry to the water with no problem.

The set-up time is mere minutes, as is the takedown time. The bow and stern are made with fixed rigid forms that let you cut through the waves and improve tracking considerably.

Advanced Elements Firefly Kayak

Paddlers can store the advanced elements firefly in their vehicle for those long days at work when you’re staring out the window thinking about the pristine water awaiting you at the end of the day.

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Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak
  • Built-in rigid panels define the bow and stern and improve tracking
  • A unique outer cover provides durability in a lightweight design
  • Twistlok valves and a high flow Spring valve allow for quick setup time
  • Landing plate and tracking fin improve performance

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Technical specification:

  • WIDTH: 35
  • Paddle Included: No
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 250 pounds
  • Tracking System: Retractable Skeg
  • Packed Dimensions: 23 x 18 x 5 inches


  1. Advanced Inflation Valves: The advanced system makes the Advanced Elements Firefly kayak very easy to inflate and deflate. The last thing you want to be doing is tinkering around for too long when you’re itching to get on the water. The patented Twistlok valves require a push in and turn for added airtight security on the water.
  2. Storage: The Advanced Elements Firefly kayak features a mesh pocket and bungee laced deck for storage.
  3. Rigid Form Bow and Stern: The rigid bow and stern are actually built into the cover and this feature improves the performance of this inflatable kayak and its ability to cut through the water.
  4. Splash Diverter and Tracking Fin: The Advanced Elements Firefly kayak includes a skeg tracking fin to keep you on a straight course and a splash diverter to keep you dry.
  5. Heavy Duty Build: Advanced Elements is known for well-made products. Their Firefly inflatable kayak is no exception. It is designed with a heavy-duty PVC main chamber. The width of the centre tubes makes for good general stability. An innovative outer cover provides extra protection and durability without weighing down the kayak. Also rubber moulded handles for transporting the Advanced Elements Firefly kayak if you store it inflated and for carrying over shallow water and obstacles.

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Customer Reviews

The Advanced Elements Firefly kayak has many positive reviews from many of its owners. The following is what customers say about the Advanced Elements Firefly kayak:

Great Starter Kayak: This inflatable kayak receives raves from novice paddlers who do not want to make a large investment into the sport and are planning to frequent calmer lakes, ponds, and rivers. Many loved this inflatable kayak for their kids due to its stability on the water. The hull is designed with a landing plate and tracking fin for ease in manoeuvring which is also a plus for kids and beginners of any age.

Easy Set-up and Portability: This inflatable kayak inflates and deflates quickly with Twistlok valves that you push in and turns for added security. It takes about ten minutes each to inflate and deflate, not including drying time. People love the idea of just keeping it in the car all the time so that they can head out on an impulse.

The Advanced Elements Firefly kayak weighs only 16 pounds and its folded size is 23” X18” X5”. The Advanced Elements Firefly kayak is lightweight in design, making it painless to load in the included pack once your kayaking adventure is over.

Quality Materials and Safety: The Advanced Elements Firefly kayak is designed with three chambers for added protection in case of punctures. This one-person kayak also has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.


  • Stable
  • Very light and easy to transport
  • Easy to inflate/deflate


  • Not a lot of leg room
  • No back rest
  • No pump or paddle


Advanced Elements Firefly Kayak Cons

No back support: There is no seat, so that you are really just sitting on the (sometimes) wet bottom of the kayak. Also, the Advanced Elements Firefly kayak does not offer support for your back and some customers complained that this was a hardship during long trips.

No Pump, Gauge, or Paddles: This inflatable kayak does not come with a pump or any type of indication to know when you have filled the kayak to its proper inflation point. Customers recommend purchasing the Advanced Element Double Action Pump for a sure thing. Also not included are the paddles. Be sure you factor in the cost of a decent set into the purchase price of this inflatable kayak.

Minimal Storage: Customers who choose the Advanced Elements Firefly kayak will need to purchase some waterproof packs if you plan to spend a day out on this kayak as there is no extra storage for essentials. The only storage available is the mesh pockets and bungee webbing and these options are not protected from the elements.

No Whitewater: Most reviewers feel this kayak is a bit too tippy to perform well on rough waters or waves of any kind. You should check the weather report for favorable conditions and keep yourself in flat water with the Advanced Elements Firefly Kayak.

Small Cockpit : The specifications note a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. According to reviews, if you are over 6’2 and 200 pounds, this kayak will not be the right one for you. In fact, several reviewers significantly smaller, even felt that it fit them like a glove. They did not have room to spare or could not wear their shoes comfortably.


The Advanced Elements Firefly kayak is perfect for beginners. It is fun to play with on the water, staying close to shorelines or in calm, serene settings for short distances. This also makes it the perfect kayak for a child, especially with the snug fit. The size and design allows for a child to maneuver the kayak easily.

Like other Advanced Elements products, it is well made and sturdy on the flat water, serving its purpose for paddlers on lakes, ponds, and slow moving rivers. Serious paddlers that wish for more versatility may want to try a different inflatable kayak. We would recommend this inflatable kayak for smaller/shorter people and more novice kayakers.

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