Best Kayak Trolling Motor

Best kayak trolling motor, Fishing has been a favourite pastime for generations, and before it was a hobby it was a necessity for people to live. Long before grocery stores and corner markets, people had to go out and catch their dinner if they wanted to eat.

Technology and ingenuity have made fishing more accessible than ever. For those who love to fish, adding a trolling motor to an inflatable kayak or boat can completely transform the entire experience.

Many people do not understand how trolling motors work, or how long they may last out on the water. The use of trolling motors has become a source of questioning and confusion for consumers.

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A major question regarding trolling motors is whether or not they are the right choice. This depends on the user’s recreational habits. If someone mostly likes to take their inflatable boat or kayak on the water for a relaxing day of swimming and leisurely activities, then a motor may not be necessary. For someone who spends hours every week fishing, this may be the perfect option.

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Why use a Kayak Trolling Motor?

A trolling motor allows the user to move through the water at a much faster and steadier pace. Compared to paddling, a trolling motor can allow a fisherman to access a much larger fishing area, thus allowing him or her to bring home more fish.

Without having to paddle, this can also save an immense amount of energy for the kayaker. This is especially great if the kayakers have spent a day hiking, camping, or trekking before arriving at the water. All scenarios differ, which is why anyone interested in buying a motor needs to realistically access their use.

The size of the kayak or boat will determine the size of the trolling motor that should be used. The weight of the boat or kayak will also determine the trolling motor needed. For a user who is interested in adding a trolling motor to their inflatable boat or kayak, they should make sure that their purchase is included with a dock for the trolling motor. Purchasing an inflatable kayak or boat that is already equipped with a dock will diminish having to pay for an extra piece of gear in the future.

With any purchase of aquatic equipment, you will first need to identify what you will be using the equipment for. For example, a fisherman, who will mostly be fishing in the bay of the Pacific Ocean, will need different equipment than a fisherman who boats in rivers and lakes.

If the ocean fisherman does not have a saltwater trolling motor this could mean corrosion. An important investment such as a trolling motor should not be ruined simply because of lack of information. This is why thought and consideration need to be made before making such purchases.

Trolling Motors We Recommend

Here are the top best kayak trolling motors

Newport Vessels NV Series 36lb

"Newport Vessels NV-Series 36lb Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling...
  • 36lb thrust - the easy to operate, quiet and cool 36lb nv series allows you...
  • 30-inch composite fiberglass shaft - high-strength, fully adjustable shaft...
  • 8 speeds and 6-inch telescoping handle (5 forward, 3 reverse) - ergonomic...
  • 5-point led battery meter - super bright battery indicator provides...
  • saltwater compatible hardware - stainless steel, zinc, and magnesium...

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This trolling motor kayak has 36lb of thrust which is great for smaller kayaks or boats. It has 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. It also has an adjustable 30 shaft made out of fibreglass. This small trolling motor for the kayak can handle saltwater and has a 2 blade propeller.


Newport Vessels X-Series 55 lb

Newport Vessels X-Series 55lb Thrust Transom Mounted Saltwater Electric Trolling...
  • 55lb thrust
  • 36 inch composite fiberglass high-strength shaft with heavy duty nylon...
  • 8 speeds (5 forward & 3 reverse) - DC 12V
  • 10-Point LED Battery Meter - This super bright LED display provides...
  • USA SERVICE: Newport Vessels is based in California with a full in-house...

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This electric trolling motor for kayaks has 55lb of thrust which is great for tandem kayaks or boats. It has 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. It also has an adjustable 36 shaft made out of fibreglass. The handle adjusts up to 30 degrees to give the rider a more comfortable ride while steering. The motor also has a 3 blade propeller.


Saturn 55 Lbs Short-Shaft Electric Trolling Motor

SATURN 55 Lbs Short-Shaft Electric Tolling Motor for Inflatable Boats, Kaboats,...
  • Short-Shaft 55lbs Electric Trolling Motor Unique short-shaft trolling...
  • 55 lbs power thrust, 12V, 50 Amp Max Draw. Adjustable Depth Collar - for...
  • Special Composite Shaft - More flexible and stronger than other shafts....
  • Speed Control - 5 speed levels for forward 3 levels for reverse. Battery...
  • Motor Weight - 17 lbs. Shipping Dimensions - 43"x15"x7". Shipping Weight -...

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This trolling motor has 55lb of thrust which is great for larger kayaks or boats. This trolling motor is great for saltwater but it’s recommended to wash it out with fresh water after each use. It also has an adjustable 26″ shaft so it will better fit inflatable kayaks, boats, rafts, etc. made out of fibreglass.

The tilting handle has 10 different positions. This feature makes the motor easier to transport and store. It also can it more comfortable for the rider who is steering the watercraft. The controller has a battery indicator to let you know when it needs to be recharged.


Buying a Kayak Trolling Motor

Buying the best trolling motor for a kayak with adjustable positions makes the motor more compact and easier to manoeuvre during transport. Various trolling motors can be found on the Internet, but lack of portability can be difficult when a user already has an extremely portable and easy to use inflatable kayak or boat.

Electric trolling motors are driven by thrust. A larger thrust does not mean an inflatable kayak will turn into a speed boat. In fact, the maximum speed of most electric trolling motors is 5mph. You can save money while shopping by only buying the trolling motors for a kayak that correctly fits the size of the boat they have. Anything more is a waste of money and will not enhance speed in any way.

Most trolling motors for kayaks can run at maximum speed for about two hours. Thus, the lower you keep the speed, the longer the battery will run. With certain brands, this means over 8 hours of fun in the water, with a battery that can easily get you safely back to shore.

Most users find that their motor exceeds their expectations, and as long as the levels are monitored, they can last and last. When shopping for a motor, you should check for the amps drawn from the battery, and the battery’s amperage hour rating.

The amps drawn allows a user to know how many amps will be used. A simple equation matched with the amperage per hour allows the user to know exactly how long the motor will last.

The amperage per hour rating is important because it will notify a user of how long the battery will supply efficient and consistent amperage to the motor. The higher the rating for the amperage per hour, the longer the battery can actually power the motor.

Buying a battery and battery charger is simple and easy; they are both easy ways to maintain the life of a trolling motor. When purchasing a battery and battery charger, ensure that they are the correct make and model for the desired motor.

Manufacturers often say that for every 100 pounds of a boat’s weight, 2 pounds of thrust is needed. Using this as a guide for users is key. Buying more thrust than necessary results in wasted money.

Another key concern before buying has to do with weather conditions. If a fisherman lives in a rainy place with severe wind pull, then this is going to factor into the amount of thrust they may need. Although the boat may not need a higher thrust, the weather conditions will add additional pressure to getting the boat through the water.

Experts suggest that you should overestimate their needs when buying trolling motor kayaks for their inflatable kayak or boat. This ensures that this investment will be useful under numerous circumstances.

Adding a trolling motor to an inflatable kayak or boat is a wonderful way to maximize time and energy while on the water. Whether the day includes snacks and drinks on the water or a long fishing excursion, a trolling motor can enhance the experience.

Every user should make sure to research all possible options before purchasing and installing. Extra consideration should be taken when looking into necessary thrust needed, as well as battery life. With these things in mind, fishing, and recreational activities will become a no brainer.

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