The Best Places To Kayak In Illinois

Do you have to find some fun activities and the best places to kayak in Illinois? while, at the point where you are considering Illinois, you might be thinking of flat land, grain fields, and very little to do. However, that is not the case. In reality, some would say that this is completely exhausting. I have lived here in downtown Illinois all my life. I realize these were the main considerations that hit a chord when I think of Illinois, so I decided to investigate.

What are the Best Places for Beginners to Kayak in Illinois?

A lot to offer kayaking trips to Illinois, from the fascinating stone arrangements you’ll discover in Shawnee National Forest in Kayaking southern Illinois to the fine shops and attractions you’ll discover in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile in northern Illinois. There is something for everyone in Illinois that you tend to do in recreational activities, galleries, crafts, theatre, or high-end dining shopping and kayaking. Check out the Best Places to Kayak in Northern California.

5 of The Best Places To Kayak In Illinois

Our main consideration today is to reveal some of the best places to kayak in Illinois.

Ok, let us set our boat sailing.

Cache River State Natural Area IllinoisCache River State Natural Area Illinois

Located kayaking in southern Illinois, the Cache River is surrounded by cypress trees older than 1,000 years. The Cache River and its bogs provide closely watched privileged glimpses open to kayakers. Kayaking through these wetlands offers prospects for temporary water birds, endangered species, and local plants.

Also, you can enjoy watching the decent diversity of the kayaking in the southern Illinois scene as you row on a beautiful lake with clear, deep water, sandstone bluffs, and miles of coastline. Opt for kayaking or kayaking, or stab both.

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The place is very safe and it has been confirmed free of alligators. Maybe what you should watch out for are flying Asian carp, which tend to jump into your pontoon at any point where they are upset.

Chicago River North Neighborhood Illinois

Chicago River North Neighborhood - Best Places To Kayak In Illinois
Chicago River‘ by David Wilson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The next point to go kayaking in Illinois is the Chicago river? Here, you don’t need to be an expert kayaker to enjoy the breathtaking scenes of this great line. With Wateriders you can see some tours, including the composition tour, the twilight rudder, and the firecracker paddle. Whichever tour you choose; You are guaranteed a life-changing encounter.

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The water here tends to be calm and this way you can kayak through Chicago at your own pace and go your way through the steady and massive canyons of this beautiful city.

What could be nicer than kayaking in this river?

Kankakee Illinois River

kankakee illinois river - Best Places To Kayak In Illinois
Kankakee River, IL‘ by Ken Lund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The shallow Kankakee River makes it a perfect destination for kayak apprentices. Rent a kayak on-site or bring your own you will have an opportunity to enjoy watching the calmly flowing water while you sail on it. This pristine wildlife makes this 4,000-piece Land State Park a paradise for lovers outside the country.

The water is amazingly perfect with a little bit of green and blue tones where the springs are nearby. It is generally similar to a pool with fast waterways where there are constant water sites connected by the rapids. There are also places for fishing, which makes it an incredible area for an occasion.

At this point, if you need to explore this area, it’s best to kayak through the creek and discover the best views and incredible community feeling. Check out our article about the best places to kayak in the US.

Hennepin Northwest Illinois Canal

Hennepin River - Best Places To Kayak In Illinois

The Hennepin Canal is a wild canal in northwest Illinois in the middle of the Mississippi River on Rock Island and the Illinois River near Hennepin.

The Hennepin Canal is an incredible place to explore and a phenomenal destination for families and gatherings. The ups and downs are extremely gentle, barely noticeable along much of the trench, and the depth is nowhere near the full length at around 6 feet, making this line an absolute target when paddling with young people would like.

The Hennepin Canal offers 78 miles of calm water, ideal for beginners who don’t want to worry about arm strength. With a history dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, the canal was once used for business, industrial and recreational purposes. It is currently a widely recognized memorable place full of leisure activities.

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Since this was a working waterway, there are some locks to raise and lower the water level in different sections of the course. While a significant number of them have been ejected and replaced by solid partitions, each of them requires a short portage. So be prepared to step out of your ship now and then. In this special area, there is a lock that extends approximately one and a half miles into the course to climb 20 feet.

Starved Rock State Park Illinois

Starved Rock State Park Illinois

Son the list of the best places to kayak in Illinois we include the starved rock state park which is the most popular park in the zone. The park was named after the delusion of neglecting the stream in which a clan of Indians sought asylum during one of the ancestral wars.

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Moreover, it is known for its many climbing trails that lead to cascading gorges. During the late spring months, these cases are only streams, but they flow freely in the spring. The areas of the recreation centre near the stream that was largely visited were submerged.

The Starved Rock State Park is known for its extensive perspectives and tree-backed deceptions and offers kayakers a perspective on the untouched nature. Guests can see this alluring milestone in kayaking on the beautiful Fox and Illinois rivers. Rate the Big Vermillion River for a faster speed white water ride.


Kayaking in Illinois is an incredible encounter and it turns out that it is better if you have found the ideal place. The place is full of various kayaking destinations where you can enjoy the view and go kayaking. If you are interested in the activity but wondering what are the best places to kayak in Illinois, then we have cleared your worries today. The named places are indeed the best in the area.

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