Colorado XT Inflatable Fishing Kayak

A pontoon boat is a large raft-like vessel that instead of having a single hull is built with two floatation devices on the sides. The two floatation devices are connected using and the passenger sits in the connected portion of the boat. Because of this, these boats are ill-suited for fast-moving water and are better suited for flat water.

Some of the best fishing kayaks are designed in a similar fashion to provide a reliable floatation device that can be used for fishing in flat water. Based on its design a pontoon vessel is best suited for sustained floatation in water as the hull design allows the current to move beneath without displacing the boat.

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Colorado XT Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Classic Accessories Colorado XT Pontoon Boat
  • 9-foot pontoon boat with tough powder-coated steel tube frame
  • Heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms
  • 6-position fishing rod holder; unique dual-side stripping apron
  • Removable storage bags with 20 pockets; 2-position motor mount
  • 400-pound capacity; measures 108 x 26 x 56 inches (W x H x D)

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However, the Pontoon Boats and the best fishing kayak built to these specs must provide a number of features to cater for angling in flat water. For instance, a mechanism to support a motor would be ideal for anglers who may need to travel long distances on these waters before reaching ideal fishing grounds.

The motor also makes the boat ideal for touring. Given that the angler will often want to sit in a spot for a while, the vessel should be equipped with an anchoring mechanism. Anchoring will ensure the angler can keep an eye on fish in the area with minimal distraction.

Also for the best fishing kayak, the boat should be fitted with rod holders to ensure that the angler can use more than one rod for fishing. Given the angler is likely to spend hours in the water, comfortable seating and footrests are essential.

Colorado XT Inflatable Fishing Kayak Features

The Colorado XT inflatable fishing kayak is designed to look and perform like a pontoon boat. The boat is well designed for long fishing trips and comes with removable gear bags and almost 20 pockets to facilitate storage and easy access.

The seat provided is very comfortable and can be adjusted with ease; the seating also comes with adjustable footrests that will eliminate leg fatigue.

The rod holder can be mounted in six positions on the boat allowing the angler greater range of movement and access to a wide fishing area. The rod holder is accompanied by a cup holder that can cater for the waiting period before the fish takes the bait. The boat is also reinforced with a steel frame and comes with two 7″ aluminium oars.


  • Comfortable seating with leg rests
  • Reinforced frame with two oars
  • Adjustable rod holder


  • Not easy to turn


Final Verdict

The classic accessories colorado XT pontoon boat design-fishing kayak, a pontoon boat is an excellent floatation device for fishing in flat water. Fortunately, there are several inflatable vessels made with this design in mind that is suitable for fishing. The best fishing kayak in this design is the Colorado XT that has adjustable fishing rod positions, a reinforced frame, comfortable seating and an option for mounting a motor.

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