Paddle Boards vs Kayaks

Paddle Boards vs Kayaks, Many people are looking for a simpler way of life. They want to live without stress and have time to enjoy the smaller things in life. Perhaps that is why many people have turned to paddleboards vs kayaks. It enables them to avoid the high cost of a boat, the routine maintenance of ownership, and the hassle of having a trailer to carry it.

Both kayaks and paddleboards enable people to work out, have fun and relax, without major expense. Check out some of our top-rated inflatable kayaks for dogs!

Paddle Boards vs Kayaks

Paddlers can be out on the water and just take in everything. Some will tend to favour one over the other, but is there really any one thing better about them when compared side by side? We will tell you the truth about kayaks vs. paddle boards so that you can choose your perfect match.

Why Choose a Kayak?

paddleboards vs kayaks? Kayaks are small boats that resemble a canoe, but they are easier to handle when in the water. Most canoes have high sides on them and kayaks enable you to sit closer to the water. To sit in one, you will sit basically on the water with your legs stretched out in front of you. Kayaks may be made of wood or inflatable plastic.

They allow you to paddle around using just a single paddle. Most kayaks are for single riders, but others can hold two or three people. A kayak will be able to get you into shallow water areas without you having to worry about causing damage to it.

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Most kayaks are designed for the purpose of getting into shallow areas. You also should be able to find a good inflatable kayak for less money than a good inflatable paddleboard.

One downside to kayaks is that they are difficult to roll over if you have flipped over in them. This is countered by the fact that most people can keep a kayak upright. However, you should wear a PFD to ensure you will be safe in the event that your kayak does roll over with you in it.

It is also wise to have a friend kayaking with you, even if on a separate kayak because they will be able to help you get back into the right position if your kayak does flip over.

Why Choose a Paddle Board?

A paddleboard is shaped similar to a large surfboard. To ride on them, you will typically see people standing upon it as they paddle to get where they want to go. All that separates them from the water is a platform.

You do have room on some paddle boards to sit down as you manoeuvre from one area to the next, but the thrill of them stems from standing up, balancing, and paddling your way around in the water. This is also what makes them a great way to get a good workout that will benefit your entire body.

A paddleboard may look difficult, but it is not hard to do. Some say that as long as you can stand up, you can become a paddleboard master on your first attempt.

The bonus is, a paddleboard enables you to become one with the area around you. When standing up, you can see further in all directions, even down into the water. You can also have a child or a dog along with you on your adventures as long as they have the ability to sit still.

The downside is that most are not able to handle shallow water areas because you could be knocked off if you hit a rock. You also have very little protection from the winds and rain. When standing on a board, you should always be prepared for it to flip over. Winds and waves can further increase the likelihood that your board will flip. The good news is, you will be able to flip it back over and get on board without too much trouble. Check out Sit on top vs sit in kayaks – advantages & disadvantages


Kayaks are great investments. Some inflatable kayaks can be used on lakes, on white water rapids, in the ocean, etc making them very versatile. If you’re looking to be out on the water with a partner you can even buy a tandem kayak which is probably going to be cheaper than buying two separate kayaks.

Kayaks usually offer storage space for your valuables, fishing gear, food and any other things you may bring along with you. Check out Intex Challenger K1 Kayak Review

Paddleboards will not offer as much storage space as most kayaks. You also likely have to buy two separate boards if you want to be out on the water with a partner.

Paddleboards are great for doing yoga and/or workouts on the water. You will also get more of a full-body workout on a paddleboard than with a kayak. Check out Kayak Gear List here!

If you’re looking for a more challenging water activity I would go with the paddleboard. If you want to go long distances or not have to stand for long periods of time I would purchase a kayak.

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