Sea Eagle 370 Review – Inflatable Kayak Buying Guide 2021

The Sea Eagle 370 Review, Sea Eagle 370 is one of the most popular inflatable kayaks in existence today. It’s a very versatile kayak built like a tank and very affordable to boot.

Sea Eagle has been making some of the best kayaks and inflatable boats in the industry since the 1960s, so they know a thing or two about what it takes to make a great kayak. The current Sea Eagle kayak line consists of 10 models, and the SE370 and SE330 inflatable sports kayak are the entry-level models.

In this Sea Eagle 370 review, we’ll take a look at the kayak’s architecture, its best features, general measurements, technical specifications and also what Sea Eagle 370 accessories are included with the basic setup, packages for sale, and more.

Sea Eagle 370 Review


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Technical specification:

  • Length: 12ft 2in
  • Width: 34in
  • Weight: 32 lb
  • No. of Persons: 3
  • Folded Size: 2 ft. 6 in. x 1 ft. 6 in. x 8 inches
  • Material: 38 mil PolyKrylar (K80 PVC)
  • Max Load: 650 lb

Build Quality

Although the SE 370 weighs only 32 lbs (about 15 kg), the boat remains relatively stable, although not as stable as the wider Sea Eagle Explorer kayak.

The hull is of K80 PolyKrylar (38ml PVC). Hence, the hull is resistant to being torn in any direction. Physical contact with sharp, pointed objects shouldn’t be an issue. The kayak is certified white water class III, so it is resistant.

Additionally, special additives are used to protect the outside of the kayak from UV rays, oil, gasoline and other chemicals.

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The hull inflates into three individual chambers (two sides and a floor), which means the large rupture won’t capsize the kayak. This is an important safety feature of a high-quality inflatable kayak. After inflating the hull’s main chambers, it also inflates the two spray skirts.

The recommended air pressure for the SE 330 and 370 is 1.1 PSI.

Quality & Comfort


The kayak is fairly compact and can be up and running from a deflated position in minutes, depending on which pump you use. Setting up the SE 370 with the pump that comes with it takes approximately 8 to 10 minutes. It would be a little faster with an electric pump if you had one, but if not, I wouldn’t get one just for this kayak.

It’s roomy and spacious for two adults on board, which makes it a great tandem boat. They will have a lot of legroom. Not to mention the deluxe seats provide solid support.

SE 370 is a 3-person kayak, but it won’t fit 3 adults comfortably.

The Sea Eagle 370 Pro is fairly light at 32 pounds, which makes it easy to carry.

You can pack it away in its carrying case. It’s small enough to fit in your RV or truck, but just too large to hike with.


Inflatable kayaks cannot perform exactly the same as traditional canoes. Inflatable kayaks are more for recreational use than actual racing. This does not mean that they do not perform as well as the toughest traditional kayaks, but they are simply not expected to be used for anything professional.

They are for a more relaxing kind of excursion rather than a ride through the rapids.

That said, the Sea Eagle inflatable boat is excellent in calm waters. You can keep going in a straight line without needing a lot of rowing power to keep going. You may need a little more power to row than normal while navigating through stronger currents.

The flat bottom body design is a common recreational design that is ideal for giving you the highest level of stability. The two skegs give you easy maneuverability and stability in crosswinds.

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Performance, Usage, Design


The design is far from basic as it is designed to outperform anything. Although it’s marketing is done as an entry-level kayak, it is ideal for both advanced and novice kayaking alike. Furthermore, this design provides a high level of comfort, which makes it less cumbersome for long trips and tours.

The cockpit area has been designed to ensure maximum comfort for all paddling with quality seat and extended legroom.

There are two types of inflatable spray skirts with the kayak, one in the front and the other in the back, allowing you to keep your body and your load as dry as possible. Although it originally came with two seats, but three people can use it, depending on the total weight.

It’s been said that it can handle up to 650lbs, but it is likely to handle a bit more because of its solid construction.


The Sea Eagle SE 370 is ideal for families or even individual explorers. No matter who you are traveling with, it is sure to be a great experience while paddling around the lake. It is also ideal for families with pets, as you can take your pet with you on the trip.

The generous legroom lets you seat one to three passengers, making it a great choice for large groups or families paddling together.


There are now four different package options to choose from and they are

The Deluxe Solo Package: This is great if you just want to kayak this one on your own. Comes with an inflatable kayak seat, kayak paddle, foot pump and repair kit.

Deluxe Package: This option comes with two inflatable kayak seats, two kayak paddles, a foot pump, a carrying bag, and a repair kit.

Pro Kayak Package: This package includes two luxury inflatable kayak seats, two kayak paddles, a foot pump, a carrying case, and a repair kit.

QuickSail Package: This is an amazing package if you want an affordable kayak that you can sail in. It comes with two luxurious inflatable kayak seats, two kayak paddles, a QuickSail, a foot pump, a carrying case, and a repair kit.


  • Dual skegs allow for a better speed and tracking
  • Versatile and affordable entry level model
  • Great maneuverability
  • Really light and compact for it’s carrying capacity
  • Easy entry and exit
  • It is also stable
  • The pressure gauge helps with pumping


  • Tracking is not very good
  • The paddles are also cheap and weak
  • No ropes on either side to tie gear down
  • No High-Pressure Drop-Stitch Floor



Are Sea Eagle boats any good?

The Sea Eagle Sport Kayak Line is an excellent “everyday use” kayak on lakes / ponds and rivers that don’t have whitewater. If your needs match what the Sea Eagle 330/370 is for, then this boat is an excellent boat to have.

Can one person use the Sea Eagle 370?

This affordable inflatable sport boat is as light and portable as possible, yet still remarkably stable and durable. It’s a sturdy kayak for 3 people or 650 lbs. However, the most suitable in terms of space is to accommodate two people. One person can also use it and it will have a lot of space.

What is the best Sea Eagle kayak?

The Sea Eagle 370 Pro Kayak is a best selling kayak mainly due to its acceptable price and performance, and very good reviews from customers.


By the end of our review, we couldn’t be happier with what the Sea Eagle 370 has to offer; The packages are incredibly affordable and due to the quality of the accessories and the kayak themselves, all of the kayak’s features are quite useful once in the water and most importantly it is the kayak that you will be able to take with you wherever you go as it shrinks to the size of a handbag.

The Sea Eagle 370 can be one of the most versatile kayaks, and the fact that it has the Sea Eagle trademark is enough sign to know that you are in the right place to get an inflatable kayak.