Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak Review

The Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak are designed for the utmost reliability and durability. It is able to withstand strong currents during your fishing ventures. This inflatable fishing kayak has a unique colour of dark olive green. This makes it perfect for hunting and fishing allowing the kayak to blend with the shoreline.

Silently sneak into your favourite fishing spot without disturbing the wildlife! The Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak are designed to accommodate one or two paddlers in small lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers. You will be surprised by this kayak’s sturdiness and versatility in your hunting and fishing expeditions and how well it compares to a standard fishing kayak.

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak Review

Inflatable 2 Person Fishing Kayak

Sevylor C001 Tahiti Hunt Fish 2 Person Kayak
  • 21-gauge PVC construction is rugged for lake use
  • Multiple air chambers allow another chamber to stay inflated if one is...
  • Airtight System is guaranteed not to leak
  • Double Lock valves use two locking points for easy inflation/deflation
  • Adjustable seat moves to fit you

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  • Inflated Dimension: 10’x 9” x 2’4”
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Person Capacity: 2
  • Construction: 26 Gauge PVC
  • Air Chambers: Multiple Air Chambers
  • Warranty: 90 Days Warranty

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak Features

  • Camouflage: Offering low visibility for paddling on quiet waterways close to the shoreline allows this kayak to blend in with nature. You will not be spotted by what you are trying to catch!
  • Lightweight and Durable: The Tahiti Hunt and Fish inflatable kayak is constructed from 21-gauge PVC making it rugged for lake use. This kayak is NMMA certified to hold up to 400 lbs. It is also lightweight at only 19lbs deflated, allowing paddlers to easily transport this kayak down the trails to the water.
  • Comfort and Ease: The Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak feature quick and easy inflation and deflation, being ready to go on the water in just minutes. It has adjustable seats with backrests so you can lean back in comfort while spending the day on the water. It also includes two spray covers to protect you from the elements and a custom paddle.
  • Reliability: The Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak feature two air chambers for extra security and a patented Airtight system guaranteed not to leak. The double lock valves prevent accidental air loss. The tubular I-beam flooring offers extra stability to this inflatable kayak. These features will keep you safe out on the water in this kayak.
  • Additional Features: Carry handles for loading in and out of the water and over obstacles. It also comes with a 3-month limited warranty and a repair kit.

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Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak Reviews

The Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak received decent reviews from many of its owners. The following is an overview of what customers like about this inflatable kayak:

  • Stability: This inflatable kayak is surprisingly sturdy. When on light waves, the kayak glides over them easily with no fear of tipping. Taking children out on this kayak with you is a good way to test the stability and reviewers noted that it held up wonderfully to bouncy children and dogs.
  • Easy Set-up and Easy to Transport: The extremely lightweight design of the Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak is a practical feature for campers, fishers, and hunters who like to find those secret spots. It is quite easy to carry alone, especially for longer distances.
  • Performance: The Tahiti Hunt and Fish kayak perform nearly as well as a hard-shelled fishing kayak. The main difference is a little more effort in paddling to stay on course but a fair trade for the convenience and versatility.


  • Price
  • Stability
  • Lightweight


  • Sold Separately Essentials
  • Insufficient Storage
  • No pump
  • Does not track well without skeg
  • Not a lot of storage space



The Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak is the perfect inflatable kayak for those quiet, long days of fishing solo or with a friend. Customers love this kayak’s incognito design and colouring to slip into remote spots along the shoreline without being detected.

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This kayak leaves nothing to be desired in durability and has even traversed the length of the Amazon River twice! This is a great starter boat for beginner paddlers or children who can try it out for low cost before investing in something for different types of water.

Spend the day on the water in comfort with inflatable, ergonomic seating. Do not worry about punctures or tipping in this inflatable kayak because it’s built for quality and durability.

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